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Produx Ltd. is a multi-national joint venture with company owned production facilities. We also operate as a sourcing network throughout Asia, North America and Europe. Our fully staffed sourcing office works with our own production facilities or outside factories to meet any product requirements that our customers might have. Our internal production and product development expertise enables us to communicate with outside factories in terms they understand. This internal knowledge gives us a competitive advantage when sourcing products from outsideAbout Image sources.

Sourcing products from Asia is a very complex task. Produx Ltd. is the tie between your domestic market and the sourcing market. We are capable of sourcing your tailormade products or providing new products to add to your existing product lines. In either case we offer professional service that is fast, reliable, and cost competitive.

Produx Ltd. stands for:

  • faithful partnership
  • comprehensive concepts
  • impeccable quality
  • competitive prices
  • on-time delivery

We take care of all essential aspects of the supply chain so that our customers can focus on their customers.

Our goal is to ensure the highest sourcing and production standards. Through systematic inspections, we guarantee production from socially responsible suppliers.

When it comes to worldwide trade there is unavoidable language barrier problems. This barrier in communication easily leads to misunderstandings, mistakes, and lost time due to rework. We bridge this gap by being both the translator for our customers to avoid this source of error.

In addition to the wide range of consumer products available through our sourcing network and our own production facilities, we also leverage our strengths in custom product design and development to provide complete sourcing solutions for our customers. Furthermore we put emphasis on consolidation of products to achieve optimum container loads to avoid partial container shipments. This speeds up the transportation process and avoids lengthy customs clearance delays. For consistent high turnover items we can offer our “never-out-of-stock policy”. We can temporarily store finished goods in our domestic or Asian warehouses until the release of new customer orders. This unique policy enables our customers to have optimum supply planning and shorter lead-times for new orders.

About ImageOur philosophy is that we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers through competitive pricing, flawless quality, reliable on-time delivery, and the highest standards of customer service. We take pride in our uncompromising goal to achieve excellence in everything we do.